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void vs torva dps stats
Topic Started: Jan 29 2013, 06:53 PM (5,654 Views)
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friend sent me this.... some trials they have done so far....

maces, damages vs torva/void using nothing turmoil and overload,

Order is void,torva,difference, percentage

1426 1539 113 7.9% turmoil slice
1588 1702 114 7.1% turmoil slice ovl
1360 1456 96 7.0% slice ovl

2108 2274 166 7.8 assult normal
2502 2700 198 7.9 assult turmoil
2674 2880 206 7.7 assumt turm ovl

2272 2437 165 7.2 assult ovl
4216 4548 332 7.8 assult bers normal
5004 5400 396 7.9 assult bers turm
5366 5760 394 7.3 assult bers ovl turm
4562 4896 334 7.3 assult bers ovl

The 1st number is how much they are hitting with D-Mace full void, the 2nd number is how much they hitting with D-Mace and full Torva, the 3rd number is the difference between the 2, the 4th number is that percentage....
Edited by Blend, Jan 29 2013, 06:59 PM.
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Dr Kaese
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Why are attackers using void and not Torva then?
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Kinda Maxed
No Avatar

torva ftw !
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Oo, was wondering about that
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Andy's slave

nice made bank on torva
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Slain Aura
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this would be full torva set yes? what would the dps be with just helm legs plate if you get the chance check for me please :)
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Five Lives
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i agree blender ovl needs to be buffed
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Then what extra percentage of a hitting marge does void give? I always thought it used to be +15% Strenght when using melee setup?? After the EOC update it turned to 1% or something? Void would be useless if people would actually test and PROVE that Torva is way better. Torva will raise dramaticly in price when people can prove Void is useless.
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i seee:l
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