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Topic Started: Dec 20 2012, 09:08 PM (22,698 Views)
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:swand: Rules of Zer0 PvM :sorb:
Below are all the rules you must abide to while in Zer0 PvM.

Make sure you read all Clan rules as there is a code that must be posted on your application to verify that you've read the rules. Read carefully to avoid receiving penalties for not following them and to have an enjoyable time boss hunting with Zer0 PvM. To read them, click on each rule to reveal the full contents.

:asc: Minor Offences :ohasc:
If you break any of the rules below you will be warned and if you continue breaking the rules you will end up getting kicked.

1. Respect all clan members.

2. Do not post or advertise any adult content.

3. If you are present at a boss you must hop to Anticrash if called.

4. No Symbols in the Clan Chat.

5. Mandatory events must be attended if online.

6. English only in the clan chat or any Zer0 related chats.

7. You must have clan requirements at all times.

8. Using our Clan Avatar.

9. Staking.

10. Transferring 07/EoC gold.

11. Botting.

:mhl: Major Offences :ohl:
Any of the below will result in a kick from the clan.

1. Leaking

2. Scamming/Luring

3. Skull tricking

4. Advertising potential scam/hack websites

5. Crashing Clan Members

6. DDoS Attacks

7. Do not PK clan members.

:torvaplatebody: Information :torvaplatelegs:



Got a problem?

Split rules

Clan Vexillum Rule

Discord specific rules

PvM'ing with Blacklisted/Banned Members

Guest PvMing Policy

Kicked/Blacklisted/Banned/Must Appeal Members

:arcanesigil: Getting your application accepted :divinesigil:
Click here to know how to prove you have read the rules
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