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Zer0 PvM - The #1 and most active PvM clan of Runescape!

Zer0 PvM Staff Team
Important Links
Clan Requirements
Erwin - 44z
Skye - Sam N Stuff

Co Leaders
Brb Expwaste - Defill99 - G1bbo

Clan Issues
(Managed by Defill99)

Ermanzego - Gazzy
Groene Plant - Saint Gher

Clan Coordinators
(Managed by G1bbo)

Marshology - Defill99

Citadel Coordinators
Alexanderke - DFH

Media Coordinators
Cmunk Alvin - Saint Gher

Staff Members
Slens Sation - Rocuronium
Rion - Cactusodomy- Bruster70
Jaemi - Filthydewa

Teaching Team
(Managed by Brb Expwaste)

G1bbo - Cactusodomy - Aleksej
Umbra Avis - Groene Plant

Top Event Attendee of July:
Killers Maid


Skill of the Week
(Farming | July 15th - July 21st)

Mamajomama - 7,035,085 XP

Next Skill of the Week: (Strength)
August 5th - August 11th

Winners Pre-Summer Competition:
Smackohho (7)
Brb Expwaste (7)
Filtydewa (6)
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Zer0 PvM - Rank System

Zer0 PvM


How to Donate to Zer0 PvM:

You can Donate to Zer0 PvM in 2 ways.

- Through PayPal

- Through instant Bank Transfer

Paypal Donation

The button above will take you to the donation page on Paypal. To donate through Paypal you will need a Paypal Account or use a Credit Card. The easiest way is simply logging into Paypal and send the donation with a single click on Pay. Without an account, you will have to fill in your personal information and credit card information. Donating with Paypal is easy and safe. The money will be instantly transferred. The Zer0 PvM Services are also paid with this Paypal account, so that means less transferring money from bank account to Paypal for us! The only downside to donating to Paypal is the fact that Paypal requests a small fee for the donation.

Bank Transfer Donation

We're also available to recieve donations through bank transfer! Transferring from your own bank account to our Zer0 PvM Bank account is fairly easy. Most people do their banking online nowadays and this works the same way. All you have to do is go to your bank's website, login with your own details to it and head to Bank Transfer. Erwin has a Bank Account dedicated to Zer0 PvM only. The details of this account are:

Name: EP Vissers

Account Number: 8626610

IBAN Number: NL22INGB0008626610


Most likely you will only need the account name and account number

Make sure you add your Runescape Display Name on the transfer!!

Why Donate to Zer0 PvM?:

Zer0 PvM is running several paid services such as:

-Teamspeak server

-Bless Account

-Zer0 PvM Domain Name

-www.zer0-pvm.com Recruitment Website

These services require a fair bit of money every month and the only way to keep these running is by the support of it's members. Erwin has paid for these services for over a year now but it's time for zer0 to help chip in a bit. To keep it up, all we need are some donations from Zer0 Members. Every Dollar/Euro/Pound or whatever helps!

In return, you will get a custom rank on our forums. That way other zer0 members can see that you've contributed to the zer0 pvm paid services.

Since we wish to distinguish the donators by the amount donated, there are several donation ranks.

Donate 1 to 10 euro - Zer0 Exclusive

Donate 11 to 25 euro - Zer0 Supporter

Donate 26 to 50 euro - Zer0 Donator

Donate 51 to 100 euro - Zer0 High Donator

Donate 101+ euro - God of Zer0

These ranks are custom ranks and will be shown next to your posts on the left side, below your name and post count etc.

These ranks are permanent and will never be revoked

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