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Zer0 PvM - The #1 and most active PvM clan of Runescape!

Zer0 PvM Staff Team
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Clan Requirements
Erwin - 44z
Skye - Sam N Stuff

Co Leaders
Brb Expwaste - Defill99 - G1bbo

Clan Issues
(Managed by Defill99)

Ermanzego - Gazzy
Groene Plant - Saint Gher

Clan Coordinators
(Managed by G1bbo)

Marshology - Defill99

Citadel Coordinators
Alexanderke - DFH

Media Coordinators
Cmunk Alvin - Saint Gher

Staff Members
Slens Sation - Rocuronium
Rion - Cactusodomy- Bruster70
Jaemi - Filthydewa

Teaching Team
(Managed by Brb Expwaste)

G1bbo - Cactusodomy - Aleksej
Umbra Avis - Groene Plant

Top Event Attendee of July:
Killers Maid


Skill of the Week
(Farming | July 15th - July 21st)

Mamajomama - 7,035,085 XP

Next Skill of the Week: (Strength)
August 5th - August 11th

Winners Pre-Summer Competition:
Smackohho (7)
Brb Expwaste (7)
Filtydewa (6)

Welcome to Zer0 PvM! Below you will find our requirements to join as a Novice and Full Member.


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- 137+ Combat
- 99 Attack
- 99 Strength
- 99 Magic
- 99 Ranged
- 99 Defence
- 99 Summoning
- 95+ Prayer
- 98+ Herblore
To join as a novice member, you will need the following weapons:
Melee / Mage / Range
- Zaros Godsword OR Dual Khopesh OR Dual Drygores OR Noxious Scythe
- Staff of Sliske OR Dual Praesul OR Dual Seismics OR Noxious Staff
- Seren Godbow OR Dual Ascensions OR Noxious Bow
To join as a full member, you will need all the following sets (and atleast 2 of these must be augmented):
Melee / Mage / Range
- Malevolent cuirass + greaves or augmented Torva platebody + platelegs or augmented superior vesta's chainbody + plateskirt or augmented superior statius's platebody + platelegs
- Malevolent helm
- Torva gloves or gloves of Passage or Razorback gauntlets or Dominion tower gloves
- Torva boots or Emberkeen boots
- Tectonic robe top + robe bottom or augmented Virtus robe top + robe bottom or augmented superior Zuriel's robe top + robe bottom
- Tectonic mask
- Virtus gloves or Celestial handwraps or Dominion tower gloves
- Virtus or Hailfire Boots
- Sirenic hauberk + chaps or augmented Pernix body + chaps or augmented superior Morrigan's leather body + chaps
- Sirenic mask
- Pernix gloves or Nightmare gloves or Ascension grips or Dominion tower gloves
- Pernix boots or Flarefrost boots
All of the following
- Frozen Key
- 200 Supreme Overload Doses
- All Tokhaar Capes OR Max Cape OR Completionist Cape
- Reaper Necklace or Amulet of Souls
- Ring of Death or Asylum
- Ring of Vigour
These are not required in your application, but are highly recommended to have:
- 200+ doses of Adrenaline & Prayer Renewal OR Replenishment & Supreme Overload Salves
- Onslaught Ability
- Enhanced Excalibur
- Drakan's Medallion (if you're not maxed/comp)
- GodWars Teletab (OR Max/Comp Cape for Boss portal)
- One of the following: Spirit Shield Set (Elysian, Divine, Arcane) / T90 Shield Set (Malevolent, Merciless, Vengeful) / T90 Defenders (Kalphite, Ascension, Seismic)

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