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Zer0 PvM - The #1 and most active PvM clan of Runescape!

Zer0 PvM Staff Team
Important Links
Clan Requirements
Erwin - 44z
Skye - Sam N Stuff

Co Leaders
Brb Expwaste - Defill99 - G1bbo

Clan Issues
(Managed by Defill99)

Ermanzego - Gazzy
Groene Plant - Saint Gher

Clan Coordinators
(Managed by G1bbo)

Marshology - Defill99

Citadel Coordinators
Alexanderke - DFH

Media Coordinators
Cmunk Alvin - Saint Gher

Staff Members
Slens Sation - Rocuronium
Rion - Cactusodomy- Bruster70
Jaemi - Filthydewa

Teaching Team
(Managed by Brb Expwaste)

G1bbo - Cactusodomy - Aleksej
Umbra Avis - Groene Plant

Top Event Attendee of July:
Killers Maid


Skill of the Week
(Farming | July 15th - July 21st)

Mamajomama - 7,035,085 XP

Next Skill of the Week: (Strength)
August 5th - August 11th

Winners Pre-Summer Competition:
Smackohho (7)
Brb Expwaste (7)
Filtydewa (6)
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Zer0 PvM Application

Useful Links

Runescape Display Name:
Past 3 display names:
Do you meet all of the stat requirements for Zer0?
Link to gear picture (Direct Links Only) showing atleast 3x t90+ weapons:
(OPTIONAL) Link to gear picture showing requirements for Full Member:
Previous clans (and reason for leaving):
A brief explanation why you wish to join Zer0 PvM:
You must add all Clan Leaders: "Erwin", "44z", "Skye", "Sam N Stuff", ''Defill99'', ''Brb Expwaste'' and ''G1bbo'': Have you done this?
I found out about Zer0 PvM by:
What is your PvM Skill at? This has no affect on your application.
I have read the clan rules:
Any random... thoughts?:
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