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Zer0 PvM - The #1 and most active PvM clan of Runescape!

Zer0 PvM Staff Team
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Clan Requirements
Erwin - 44z
Skye - Sam N Stuff

Co Leaders
Brb Expwaste - Defill99 - G1bbo

Clan Issues
(Managed by Defill99)

Ermanzego - RosesAmore - Gazzy

Clan Coordinators
(Managed by G1bbo)

Silent dps - Marshology
Cactusodomy - Gazzy

Citadel Coordinator

Media Coordinator
Cmunk Alvin - Saint Gher

Staff Members
Slens Sation - Roasted Oak - Rocuronium
Ennzyme - Rion - Beautie
Alexanderke - B E L

Teaching Team
(Managed by Brb Expwaste)

G1bbo - Cactusodomy - Alexanderke
Umbra Avis - Groene Plant
Nex Splits - Ermanzego

Top Event Attendee's of December:


Boss of the Week (Bandos) Winner:
Nex Splits - 112 kills

Skill of the Week (Mining) Winner:
iPhishCOD - 2,838,641 XP
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Boss & Skilling Pets!
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